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13 December
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Just a girl, really. I'm quite lazy, really, a huge procrastinator, and I tend to take the easy road in important matters, and the more difficult one in things that simply don't matter much. I'm a writer at heart- I'm always writing. Not physically, but whenever I'm going through something, listening to someone, watching someone, doing something, I'm writing a story. Everything is half-real to me; everyone in my life, including myself, are characters in the novel of my life. But when I look at fictional characters from my many, many fandoms, they strike a more realistic chord to me than any real-life person I know. That makes me introverted- wondering if real-people friendships are important, or if I should stick to my world of make-believe, because it's safe? Right now, I'll stick to the world of make-believe; the real world is like a dream: everything that happens, good or bad, is not quite real to me. It's almost fuzzy. It's in my dreams that things make the most sense.

Besides the deepness, I like being free, uncommitted (except when it comes to people), and having the ability to say my opinion without someone telling me I'm just 14, or I'm just a girl.

I like watching House, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Battlestar Galactica, Gilmore Girls, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Numb3rs, and Dr. Who. Some of my dead TV shows are Friends, Seinfeld, and Yes, Dear (which I watch purely for Jimmy, 'cause I love him!!). I love Harry Potter, and it's not the work of the devil.

I am a writer, I think. Check out some fics at focus_point, and find my graphics at darkalleygrafix.

Do not tell me what to believe in; that's why I have my father. I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and you're not going to tell me otherwise; however, I believe the Roman Catholic Church is hypocritical, corrupt, homophobic, and sexist. I'll be willing to debate gay marriage any time with you- and be fairly confident I'll win.

George Bush is a good person, just not a good president. Or, as Stephen Colbert would say, he's a great president. :P

I asked my friends to write something about me, and they did; here's what some of them said:

snoggingpicard (my sister, teehee!)- Ummmm...you get good grades and make me sick like that. And you can't spell anonymous. Oh, but the good thing is that I get to tell embarrassing stories about you when you were little to people because you were that bad of a kid. Mmm...that's about it. :P

chaotic_vanity (Maggie love <3)- You are a completely wonderful person, really strong and beautiful. It's so nice to get the notification emails from your comments, because I know that it's gonna be a comment I will love reading && responding to :) You're sweet, and there aren't very many people, online or in real life, who you know are always going to be there and have something important to say, and you, my dear, are one of them. You mean lots to me, you're so hardworking and so smart, and you're a fantabulous friend. *huggles* How could anyone have anything bad to say about you, no matter what?!

Okay. That's all. ♥

otterystgrint (what to say about Ottery?)- Snoggy, doesn't know how to spell anonymous...but...she's cute and sweet, and you make avvies don't you? I think she's sweetness, but she takes some comments toooooo seriously, but that's probably only because she's got a big heart.


I don't like being anonymous. It's almost deceitful.

-smoochies glomps-

Feel free to b*tchsl*p me if I'm being too honest...

killerschick89 (Sierraously!)- I pretty much ADORE the queen of the ehos. She's like the sweetest person on the planet and there's no denying it. Plus rofo pwns eho like whoa.

aerozeppeliin (Mah ultra c00l partner, Lowe)- Snoggy is the COOLEST person I know. You are always finding a way to make me laugh. I always have a great time when I'm talking to you! N00b cookies! Ultra c00l land partner. The fun never ends! <3333333

P.S. I think we should make a club. The "We think House is a hottie" club. ;D

cutiepie0319 (Kellllliie!)- Snoggy: even though we just recently became friends on SS I truely think you are a great friend and person ♥

tazmania6507 (Wow. It's awesome Marie)- You rock!

And I love them ALL.

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